Moulin à huile Nicolas En terroir Nîmois depuis 2004 Moulin à huile Nicolas. Huile d'olive, olives de table, vierge extra, A.O.P.

The shop of the mill

The shop of the mill:

In the shop of our mill, you will find our vintages of olive oil, made with olives from our groves of Cabrières, but also made with olives that were bought to the local olive producers, as it is the case for instance with the Provençale Aglandau. You will also find local products such as brandade, olives and tapenade, and gifts centered around the olive. We don't do online sales.


The fresh from the year olive oils that comes from the groves of the mill:

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– The «Mireille» vintage, the miller's vintage;

– Varietal oil «Picholine»;

– Varietal oil «Aglandau»;

– Varietal oil «Lucques»;

– A.O.P. olive oil of Nîmes.

The olives and tapenade:

Pasteurized or fresh olives, we are in the middle of the birthplace of the «Picholine»  and many of our local confectioner colleagues propose excellent products that we will distribute, because the confectionery of olives is not our job:

– Cooperative of the oulivo in Bezouce;

– Eugène Brunel in Marguerites;

– Olives Daniel in Nîmes.


The brandade of Nîmes:

It is the ideal product from Nîmes, we distribute the brandade Daniel which is greatly recognized in the halls of Nîmes and in all the territory.


The honeys:

For many years and as it is still the case today, we distribute the honey from ESAT Roumanière.

We also have the excellent productions of the apiary of the romarians (the Liberi family producers of Cabrières, golden medal of the taste campaigners – Gard)



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The jellies:

You will find the jellies from the ESAT la Roumanière in Robion (84). Their apricot jelly has obtained the golden medal CGA in 2019. To work with an Esat is an approach initiated in order to favour the integration of the disabled persons.


La boutique du moulin

The soaps and body care:

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Our soaps don't come from regional soap works which stew locally:

– The «Sérail» in Marseille, Anatole of the forge street, specialist of the natural ‘cube' soap of Marseilles;

– «Rampal Latour» in Salon de Provence, soaps supplemented with essential oils.

We have a line of dry oils for the body and of cold made soaps with organic olive oil by the soap maker of the Calanques in «La Ciotat».

We also work with a soap works from Marseilles: the mill of the scents which propose an extended line of shower gels and soft shampoos for fragile skins with a line made with donkey milk.


Moulin Nicolas la boutique

The kitchen towels and sewn napkins:

We always have worked with the brand «Coton blanc» which proposes high quality sewn products, 100% cotton and unalterable at small prices.

La boutique du moulin

The artisanal ceramics:

We are actually looking for a partnership with a potter/ceramist from the Gard to propose fabrications of local potteries on the theme of the olive and the olive oil.

The olive tree wood:

We are actually looking for a partnership with a craftsperson/artist to expose and to sell his/her creations in the shop of the mill. After each period of cuting, we can provide some olive tree wood for the amateurs. Contact us for more information.

A few gift ideas centered around the olive tree