Moulin à huile Nicolas En terroir Nîmois depuis 2004 Moulin à huile Nicolas. Huile d'olive, olives de table, vierge extra, A.O.P.



The performance prices will be indicated in the mills and communicated through mail before each campaign.


The press:

The press of your olives is realized in ‘common' or in ‘special' or ‘personal press'. In order to do this, you need to have a minimum number of kilos of olives which depend of the machines of the mill that you have chosen for your oil:

– Beaucaire: Minimum of 80kg;

– Cabrières: Minimum of 300kg.

There is no maximum.

The price of a personal press will always be higher than the price of a common press because it requires more time.


The packaging:

The price of the packagings (PET, glass or metal) will be given to you at the mill. This price includes the container, the packaging time, the label and eventually the cartons if necessary. Those who have their own labels must ask for ‘neutral' packagings.


The personalized labels:

The labels must be ordered (at least 10) during the bringing of your olives, they will be bonded or not on the packagings according to the customer's request.


The advices:

It is a free service!! Maintenance of the grove, picking and cuting, don't hesitate to ask for advices, we will always be there for you and we can provide you with ‘the olive producer notebook', edited by France olives (AFIDOL), our professional syndicate.


The delivering

It is possible for us to graciously deliver the oil of the customers at their home  if they are in a temporary difficult situation or if they have disabilities. Find out on the ‘contact form'.


The visits:

For the contributors, a tour of the mill during the campaign can always be done by a staff member who will be available for a few minutes to explain our work and the manufacturing of the olive oil.

The contributors can stay during the whole process of fabrication of their oil (1h30).

For the customers of the shop, a quick tour is always possible.

For the groups, please call the 04 66 20 72 45 to check our availabilities.


Bulk selling of olive oil throughout the year:

Forbidden for years by the french law for traceability reasons, it seems that under the pressure of the consumers, this eco-friendly trend became common in the retailers and the supermarkets.

As producers, we claim this selling that has been ordinary for a long time in the mills. Therefore, we sell vintage of the olive oil «Mireille», the vintage of the mill and loose «Picholine» throughout the year at very reasonable prices.